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Who We Are

We are trained non-medical caregivers also known as personal assistants who want to serve you and your family and support system where you are. We are sisters and daughters and mothers. We are just like you, and we want to assist you to stay connected to what is the most important in your life.


Tonia Axelson (left) age 49; caregiver for over 27 years. Mother of 4 incredible grown kids, grandmother of 1 magical princess. Owner of TLC (Trained Loving Care) When I'm not working, I still take care of those around me, and I love to ride my mountain bike and road bike and kayak in Lake Tahoe!

Robin Angel (right) age 28; Daughter of Tonia, writer, digital creator, and marketing manager for TLC. Mom of aforementioned magical princess. Grateful to be a part of a family owned business, who helps others live comfortably and with dignity in their later years. Fun fact: I built this website and manage the graphics and content! Are you a small business in a similar sector who could use my skills? I'd be happy to chat! 

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TLC is a small and meaningful team that works closely together for our clients to provide the best and most useful work environment. It is helpful to be trained already and bring your vast or little experience to the job. If you feel like you can take on a new challenge and want to learn new skills to help folks in our community to be as independent and have a quality life as possible, come work with us! 


Our Services

 We are experienced and trained loving non-medical caregivers who can assist you and your loved ones where you are. We work closely to get to know you and all of your preferences and needs. We work hard to communicate fully to provide as seamless a team as possible for you to work with.  You are in charge and have full say in your care within our abilities and scope of practice. We try to bring creative ideas to your plan of care as needed in order to help you and your loved ones continue having the quality of life you deserve.

Errands, shopping and appointments

We all need to run errands and get out to go shopping. When you need a bit of a hand and you can't put it off anymore, let TLC help. Whatever your level of physical need we can assist you get things done so you can keep doing what you need to do.

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Adjusting to new health conditions and medication reminders. 

We are non-medical, but we can assist you develop a routine that creates the best scenario for your care plan you and your doctor or other medical professionals want for you. Your success is our success.

Fun and engaging outings and activities

In order to have quality of life, we all need some fun and stimulating activities. Lets' go out to lunch or just go on a relaxing drive. Can't leave the house? Let's put on a funny show and laugh our heads off or create an art piece together. We can also just put on some of your favorite music and relax and or do some karaoke together! 

Assist in following up on therapies and new routines.

We all need a support coach when developing a new routine or a therapy sometimes. Need a spotter to make sure you are doing your assigned exercises in order to stay independent for as long as possible? We can help you help yourself stay strong and mobile.

Washing Dishes
Light housekeeping

TLC can assist you with all those pesky chores that pile up. Seriously some people do chores happily as a hobby (ok, Tonia does chores as a hobby)! At the least we can run the vacuum and wash the dishes so you can relax and get and stay well. We will always strive to keep things the way you want them because it's your home.

Overnight respite

When you need a good night's sleep or have acute needs at night and loved ones need sleep to help you the next day, we can do it! We stay up and help you rest soundly so you can be your healthiest self and so can your loved ones if they are caring for you. or if you loved one needs to be somewhere else for the evening and you can the alone. Let's us stay the night and allow your loved ones to not worry while away.

Activities of daily living

When you or your loved one has a change of condition, you may have a need for assistance with basic needs temporarily or you need a new routine with a bit of assistance or a lot of assistance. TLC can help a little or a lot with; bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, eating, and continence needs.

Hospice/Palliative nonmedical support

As previously stated, TLC experienced caregivers are non-medical, but we work carefully with other agencies with the bedside support as needed for you or your loved one as needed.

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